What is a Guest Blogger?

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Whether you own a blog or you just frequent other people's blogs a lot to find information that you are interested in, then you may have noticed that the author is not always the same person. Sometimes the author of the posts on a blog is not the same person because the blog employs a group of people or a few different owners. Other times however, the blog may make use of guest bloggers in order to help them create content.

So what is a guest blogger?

A guest blogger is simply a person who writes for one or more blogs that do not belong to them. They may write articles that are meaningful to them or they may write articles that suit the needs of the blog owner. When a person does a guest post on another blog, it can be a one time deal or the blog owner may decide to have that person post on a regular basis.

For the blog owner, he or she receives quality content on a regular or sporadic basis from the people that guest blog on their site. This is a benefit because the search engines tend to value quality content. The blog owner can at times also receive web traffic from the guest blogger's followers, which is another benefit.

The benefit to the guest blogger is that it gets their name exposed on different sites across the Internet. This is important, especially if the guest blogger is not well known in their field of choice yet. Sometimes the blog owner will also let the guest include a link or two back to their own website or products, which is an additional benefit for the guest.

Guest blogging is pretty common these days, especially as blog owners continuously look for fresh ideas for content. Guests usually are not paid for their posts, but if the content is of high quality and the guest becomes a regular poster, then the opportunity may open up for a paid position, but it is not typical.


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What is a Guest Blogger?

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This article was published on 2010/12/13