Guest Amenities Customization Ideas

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Whether your hotel, inn, bed and breakfast or spa already provides essential guest amenities to your guests and clients, or just about to add this to your guest room offerings, it is important to consider customizing them to your company's specification.

Most of the best suppliers and manufacturers offer a bespoke design service, however they require a certain large amount of quantities to be purchased. If your business opts for this service, here are some ideas to consider:
Bath cosmetics and toiletries

The little bottles, tubes or sachets of shampoo and bath gel are what you should consider first because, some guests take these home or donate them to shelters and the like, if your company logo, name and design is on it, it is a way of advertising, and best of all, its free!

Some manufacturers also allow you to customize the liquid inside. If your company has signature or themed colors, you can implement these colors into the liquids to further harmonize your brand. It is also possible to have your logo placed on a soap bar or change the color of the soap itself. This is an simple procedure that can be done easily.

Slippers and Towels

It is a good idea to customize amenities that will be re-used several times, especially towels and bathrobes. In the case of slippers, the most common way is embroidering your design onto the slipper with your company color. With bathrobes and towels, embroidery is also possible but printing may be an alternative. Depending on the type of material the slippers, towels or robes are made of, the customization may be different. According to some manufacturers, velour is ideal for customizing more intricate and complex designs.

Personal Accessories and miscellaneous amenities

The packaging of the amenities plays a big role on the impression on your business. So if it is designed well and the packaging itself is stylish, this will contribute to the business's reputation. Vanity kits, shaving kits, dental sets, shower caps and the like may be packaged separately or you have the option of putting them all in one container creating a single guest set in a box, bag or other packaging form.

Other products that may be customized are cup coasters, shopping bags, door signs, room signs, fruit forks, stirrers, clothes hangers and much more.

Mash Import and Exports offer bespoke design service on their exclusive guest toiletries and amenities ranges and other guest room products.

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Guest Amenities Customization Ideas

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